• The Yoga institute provides the right direction to students and opens the minds to a whole new way of living your lives in the right way. It embraces you the way you are and works tremendously towards your personal growth...It's a great course...I am much more calmer, happier, content and aware after doing this course. The priceless lessons learnt at the institute will stay with me forever. I am grateful to all my teachers who delivered much more than the course curriculum and truly inspired me all through the course.

    Isha Tomar

    TTC Student at The Yoga Institute Powai

  • The basic teachers training course has been truly eye opening for me regarding what yoga is really all about. Each and every teacher has gone above and beyond their responsibilities and answered all of my questions very patiently. Rahul sir has pushed us to our capabilities in asans and also brought out the best in each of us, not just physically but also intellectually and spiritually. Ruchi ma'am teaches with alot of passion which pulls you into the subject. Nishi ma'am relates difficult concepts with her life experience and presents a very practical way to follow concepts taught in the course as a householder. Nitika ma'am has extensive knowledge on anatomy and nutrition and we have learnt alot under her guidance. Ardhana ma'am and Minal ma'am made communication very interesting with various interactive activities. Preethi maam's meditation classes were very calming and informative.

    This course has been life changing and has ignited a spark in me. I am grateful to the yoga institute for providing such wonderful teachers and giving me this experience. I never knew that there could ever be a course that could teach someone how to handle life. But if I had to point out one, then this would be it. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is inclined in this direction.

    Thanks and regards,

    Shailja Sharma

    The Yoga Institute Powai

  • I recently completed my two months TTC from TYI in Powai. I would like to share my testimonial about the course. It is detailed below:

    I remember nervously entering the Powai institute on a hot day in May to inquire about the one month TTC. To be honest, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to be a Yoga teacher at that time or whether Yoga was something I wanted to do seriously. But that all changed in June when I started learning about Yogic concepts at the center in Powai.

    From simply looking at the institute's TTC as another feather in my fitness career's cap, my view transformed exponentially. Now, after completing the course, I have become a calmer human being. I am aware of my body, my environment, my thoughts, my feelings and emotions. I am no longer another living creature floating through life. I feel like my perspective on life and love have changed drastically.

    While walking on my journey from being a thoughtless human to an enlightened one, I have been blessed to have wise mentors. Rahul sir taught me that I should not be attached to results and just give my 100% in everything I do - be it asanas or achieving goals. Nishi ma'am taught me that Yoga must be applied to all situations practically.

    Aradhana ma'am illuminated the path to help me become a better teacher and listener. Nitika ma'am made me realize that we must respect and love our body because it works perfectly when we don't do himsa to it. Ruchi ma'am awed me with her passion and enthusiasm for Hatha Yoga.

    The Yoga TTC isn't a fitness course, a series of lectures on Hinduism or learning how to be an acrobat. It's about your journey within. It's about finding that piece of you that is immortal. It's about learning the tools to stay calm even when a raging storm is uprooting your surroundings.

    Thank you

    Nemisha Sharma

    Licensed Zumba Instructor Certified Yoga Teacher Freelance Writer

  • The journey at the Yoga Institute has been a life changing experience for me...It has been the Yug (union) of my mind & body. There is an awareness in everything I do or say... It has opened up avenues for me... I think the question which I had on my mind... The Purpose Of My Existence... has been answered...Ever so grateful to Hansaji and all our mentors for being our guiding force and a special Thank you to Hansaji & Rahul sir for taking the initiative of getting the Yoga Institute to Powai... it was a beautiful journey, the memories & teachings of which will be there with me for a lifetime & beyond.

    Disha Thakur

    The Yoga Institute Powai

  • I sincerely believe in the following quote from Roald Dahl-s book- "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it".

    I genuinely found my magic in yoga and at the institute - the enormous internal and external metamorphosis that I have gone through has been nothing less than magic - it truly has been the best thing to have happened to me - one needs to experience it - to find the magic.

    Thank you so much Rahulji and Richaji for bringing the magic - The Yoga Institute Powai - to our doorstep.

    Warmest regards

    Vidhi Daryanani

    The Yoga Institute Powai

  • As I had already done my Diploma in Yoga education from Mumbai University, I was initially bit apprehensive to join this course but right from the first day, I realized that I was at the right place with the right people around. We rarely come upon such a focused and dedicated team who goes on to teach Yoga beyond the asanas and the mat, as the actual Yoga practice begins once you are off the mat.

    Asanas : In his gentle yet firm manner, Rahulji has further helped realize not only my potential, but also took me to that places in my body that I never knew existed. Every class gave me a deeper insight. The flow and grace, sequence and pattern, warm-ups and preparatory poses and movements, the ordering of asanas for the optimal benefits for us and our own teaching training - it is just a complete package. And while doing so, it was not only about the asanas, but the Bhavas and attitude behind each asana, thus strengthening and giving me a deeper understanding of this journey.

    Teaching Methodology : Excellent and thorough teaching methodology, covering all the essential elements of teaching.

    Be it the Philosophy, Psychology class - wherein I learnt so much every single day and the valuable teaching of experiencing life in the very present moment. Every time we all wished that the class could have continued for longer as it was both helpful and interesting. Nishi madam, Minal madam, Ruchi madam, Aradhana madam - I am personally so honored to be able to be your student.

    Anatomy class : The mapping of the asanas to each and every part of the body and making us realize how every asana affects each part gave us a thorough understanding (even if you are not a Science student :)). Thanks Nitika madam.

    Pranayama, Meditation : We covered various styles and in that process, it helped me to identify what style works better for me. Thanks for exposing us to this simple yet profound techniques Priti madam.

    The overall awareness has expanded greatly, from observing the breath while holding the posture, I am realizing it is a constant transformation of Self-being that goes far beyond the yoga asanas.

    The overall management of the course, the friendliness, the yummy satvik snacks in between by Richaji makes it all the more interesting and we all used to look forward to usher in our child within and be there for each and every class.

    I feel myself in the infinite depth to all my gurus for sharing this beauty of Yoga through their knowledge and experience. I will always hold you all fondly in my heart.

    Love and light always,

    Aparna More

    The Yoga Institute Powai

  • There comes a time in our lives when we question the purpose of our existence. Sometimes we find the answers in books that we may read or by experiences we may have. For me, the question began to get answered as my TTC course at the Yoga Institute (Powai) got underway.

    Just a couple of sessions into it, I began to feel that a definite purpose to my life was being defined; not to mention the physical benefits of the daily asana practice that I was experiencing!

    Having always been interested in yoga and spirituality, never had I imagined that both these pursuits were waiting to be discovered at my very doorstep. The course module and the teachers/mentors have delivered way above and beyond my expectations!

    My deepest gratitude to Hansaji and Rahulji, for bringing the institute to Powai, and enabling me to fulfill a longstanding and deep desire to do the TTC.

    This testimonial will merely scratch the surface of the life-affirming experience awaiting anyone, even remotely interested in understanding our lives and yearning to live mindfully, peacefully and unselfishly. So don't take my word for, just go and experience it for yourself!

    Eternally Grateful!

    Bhavna Singh

    The Yoga Institute Powai